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Code reduc zooplus 2018

On the enforcement of this Code, and invalidation of the certain legislative acts.
After that, the person conducting the pre-trial investigation asks questions.
Documents also include the explanations, acts of inventories, zooplus audits, inquiries, tax acts, the conclusions of tax authorities, as well as the materials containing computer information, photography and filming, sound carre and video recordings, obtained, demanded or presented in reduc the manner, provided for in Article 122.In the appointment of a criminal offense of inquiry in the procedure provided for in part 4 of Article 189 of this Code, the pre-trial investigation shall be completed by drawing up a protocol on the criminal offense.The person, on the extension of detention in custody of which the procurator requests, zooplus shall have the right to participate at the court session, in this case, the court may impose on the body, conducting the investigation, his (her) conveyance to the court session.Protocols of the study results of the undercover investigative actions, sound recording and recording of images, photos, other results recorded with the help of scientific and technological means, seized items and documents or copies thereof are used in the proof along with the evidence obtained.Also, the court shall be submitted code by the institution or body code executing the sentence, and by convicted the data on the intended place of residence of the convicted person after his (her) release, and his (her) term of employment (written consent of relatives, accommodation, places.In: 22nd Annual Joint Conference of the ieee Computer and Communications Societies (Infocom 2003 March 30-April 3, 2003, San Francisco,.Study of the results of undercover investigative action shall be carried out by the body of pre-trial investigation in compliance with the requirements of Articles 47 and 124 of this Code, if necessary with the involvement of a specialist and the staff member of the.The application for sanctioning of the period of detention of the suspected in custody during the familiarization with the materials of the criminal case shall be submitted to the investigating judge no later than three days prior to the expiration of the period of detention.In cases of criminal offenses provided in articles code 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107 (part two 110 (part two 116, 118 zooplus (part three 120, zooplus 121, 122, 124, 125, 126 (parts two and three 127, 128 (parts two, three and four 129, 132.Calling a person, who is outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The participation of port the reduc defense counsel is mandatory in reduc cases envisaged by the fourth alloresto part of Article 428 of this Code.
The procurator, supervising the legality of the pre-trial investigation, as well as the criminal prosecution shall: 1) register a statement code for a criminal offence and send it to the criminal prosecution body or accept it to own production and carry out pre-trial investigation; 2) send.
The Head alloresto of the Main Office (department office, division of the body of inquiry reduc and their deputies within their competence shall possess the powers of the Head of the body of inquiry in the pre-trial investigation in cases of criminal offences, provided for in Article.
Completion of the preliminary investigation.
The sentence, decision, according to which photobox the convicted shall be port released from detention shall be reduc enforced in this part immediately, if the convicted attends a meeting of the court of appeal.If the appellate court makes the decisions, provided for in the first part of Article 442 of this Code, the descriptive-motivation part of the decision shall specify the reasons for which code the decision of the court of first instance considered as improper, as well.In violation of the restraining order, the suspected, the accused may be imposed a monetary penalty in the manner provided in Article 160 of this Code, as well as may be applied a preventive measure.Evaluation of evidence on inner conviction.Disagreement with the decisions made during the main court proceedings may be included in the appellate complaint, the prosecutor's petition, the protest.Further proceedings in the case shall be carried code alloresto out according to the rules, provided by Chapter 42 of this Code.If prior the removal of the court to the consultation room a bail made for the deposit of the court?under article 69 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, alloresto the court may make a judgment of conviction with the release of a person.The consideration of the case is made by the general rules of the court proceedings subject to the provisions set forth in this Article.

The application may be filed in the code district court at the location of the body, conducting the criminal proceedings, within fifteen days from the date of familiarization with the decision, with which the person does not agree, or in the same period after receipt.
The requesting party may be refused to satisfy the request (order, petition) for legal assistance in cases, stipulated by international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan.