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The first book dealt with laws and people, including civil rights, marriage, relationships, including those of code parent and child, etc.
The Need for Codified Laws.
As well as language and economic differences, there was no single unified set of laws that covered the whole of France.
Napoleon and the French Revolution, the French Revolution buro acted as a brush that swept away a mass of local differences in France, including many of the powers that stood against codifying the laws.
It is one of his most lasting achievements in a country reduc in thrall to his rule for a turbulent generation.More codes followed for other aspects of the legal system: 1806s Code of Civil valable Procedure; 1807s Commercial Code; 1808s Criminal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure; 1810s Penal Code.Home, a History nostalgift of the Napoleonic willems Code (Code Napoléon).Hb bar(Y reduc stacked set(gca xtick 1:4, 'xticklabel 'Austria France.Later Codes also looked to Napoleons own, such as the Italian Civil Code of 1865, although this was replaced in 1942.'HorizontalAlignment 'center 'Units 'normalized.The Code Napoléon, the Civil Code of the French People was enacted code in 1804 across all the regions France then controlled: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, chunks of Germany and Italy, and was later spread further across Europe.It is easy to imagine how the conquering Emperor could code spread a legal system across Europe, but it shop might have surprised many of his day to know long it outlasted him.Written as Several Books, the Napoleonic Code was written as several "Books and although it was written by teams of lawyers, Napoleon was present at nearly half of the Senate discussions.

Add to easyjet this the code canon law of the church which controlled some affairs, a equideow mass of royal legislation which had to be considered when looking at legal problems, and equideow the effects of local laws derived equideow from promotionnel "parlements" or appellate courts code and trials, and there was.
Freedom and the right of private property were key, but code branding, easy imprisonment, and limitless hard labor parfum returned.
French Revolution may have been a single country, but it was far from a homogenous unit.
Attempts to write and enforce a code during the revolution had failed, and Napoleons achievement in code forcing it through was massive.Still in Place, the Napoleonic Code has been modified, but essentially remains promotionnel in place in France, two centuries after Napoleon was defeated and his empire dismantled.A Compromise Between Old and New.All male citizens were supposed to be equal, with nobility, class, a position of birth all wiped away.In many ways, the Code was a compromise of the old and the new, favoring conservatism and traditional morality.Most important was to be a law code that bore his name.However, there were plenty of people in positions of local power, often in venal offices, who worked to prevent any such codification, and all attempts to do so before the revolution failed.